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Dr. Meqdad Stresses on Customer Experience Importance

The importance of enhancing the tourist experience cannot be overstated, according to Dr. Abdul Hai Meqdad, an expert in customer experience and a specialist in training and management consultancy. He believes that the success of the tourism sector’s recovery and the diversification of the national economy’s sources of income relies heavily on improving the quality of services provided to workers in the tourism sector. By the year 2030, the Kingdom is anticipated to be among the top three countries in terms of tourism income, with an expected revenue of over $732 billion.

Despite this optimistic outlook, there is a clear deficiency in the quality of services provided to workers in the tourism sector, leading to many unsuccessful tourism experiences. Dr. Meqdad stresses the urgent need to prioritize the tourist experience and measure the extent of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, he calls upon those in charge of the tourism sector to adopt the best international practices and standards to improve the tourist experience. This involves holding training courses, workshops, and forums to raise awareness among workers.

Dr. Meqdad emphasizes that starting with the workers, the policies, procedures, and services must be reconsidered, and the details of the infrastructure of tourism facilities must be improved. This must coincide with rapid and large-scale improvements in the structure of tourism services to ensure the desired goals of the growth of this vital and promising sector are achieved.

Mega and Future-Tech Sign Provizit System Agreement

Mega Management and Marketing Consulting Company has recently announced its collaboration with Future Tech Company, one of the leading technology firms in the region, to offer advanced solutions for managing visitors and meeting rooms. This exciting partnership will focus on marketing the Provision Application, which is designed to streamline and enhance visitor programs and meeting room management.

The agreement was formally signed at Mega Corporation’s headquarters in Riyadh on December 8th, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Hai Megdad, the CEO of Mega, and Mr. Mohammed Siddiqui, the CEO of Future Tech. Both executives expressed their satisfaction with this new partnership, which is expected to have a significant impact on improving customer experience and simplifying procedures for holding meetings and managing visitors.

Mega Group Launches Annual Blood Donation Campaign in Collaboration with Kfsh Blood Bank

On a Wednesday morning, Mega Consulting and Training Company launched its long-awaited yearly blood donation campaign. The event was a success thanks to the collaboration between the General Corporation of King Faisal Hospital and the Research Center, which brought together employees from different departments to participate in this noble cause.

Dr. Abdul Hai, speaking on behalf of Mega Consulting, emphasized the significance of this campaign in their yearly social responsibility plan. The primary objective of the initiative is to support the courageous heroes stationed on the southern border while fulfilling the urgent requirements of the hospital’s blood bank.

With the purpose of maximizing the campaign’s impact, the Public Relations Department and the media extended invitations to neighboring companies to participate and contribute to the cause. The collaborative effort aimed to benefit the larger community and aligns with the company’s commitment to social responsibility

Signing a Cooperation Agreement with the Secretary General of the Security and Safety Association, Dr. Hamoud M. Jammali

The Mega Group has announced a new cooperation agreement with the Association for Security, Safety, and Food Health. The Counselor and Secretary General of the association, Dr. Hamoud M. Jammali, has also joined Mega’s advisory board.

Dr. Abdulhai Meqdad Offers a Training Course – Patient Experience

MEGA Group, Madinah Specialist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center discussing cooperation.

The CEO of MEGA Group, Dr. Abdulhai Meqdad, commended the exceptional medical services offered at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Madinah. He acknowledged the hospital’s crucial role in providing medical care to the community, the efficient medical procedures implemented by the organization, and the efforts of the hospital administration in improving the overall patient experience across all branches of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the Kingdom, particularly the Madinah branch.

On Tuesday, His Excellency Dr. Nizar Khalifa, the General Director of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Madinah, received Dr. Abdulhai Meqdad, the CEO of MEGA Group, for a meeting in his office at the hospital. Both parties discussed their cooperation in training and consultancy, as well as MEGA Group’s efforts in enhancing the customer experience at the hospital’s branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madinah.

A Saudi Expert of Administrative Training at Mega Group

Simulation training is a development priority to meet the requirements of the labor market – Mega Consult.

Dr. Abdul Hai Muhammad Miqdad, a training expert at Mega Consult, has highlighted simulating business models as one of the most effective training methods for the Kingdom. This method offers numerous benefits, enabling new employees, university graduates, and job candidates to gain practical knowledge and experience through practical models. By simulating real-life situations, individuals have the opportunity to practice and learn how to react to tangible results, thus enhancing their skills and preparation for the workforce.

According to Dr. Miqdad, the “business simulation model,” also referred to as “training by doing,” is a highly effective method for learning in the business field. This approach combines practical application, discovery, and enjoyment, allowing participants to simulate projects in a safe and interactive environment that promotes learning. The experience helps them to practice and improve their decision-making skills by testing various scenarios and seeing the results without incurring actual losses. It also allows for quick learning within a clear framework, which helps in acquiring real and proven experience.

Dr. Miqdad emphasized that the system and joint departments are large enough to allow workers to participate in decision-making. Participants form joint teams to work on realistic project simulations and sometimes compete with other teams. This allows them to learn about the nature of work on a daily basis. Additionally, tasks are overlapped between work teams and departments, and individual efforts and discretionary decisions are appreciated. The impact of teamwork and the organization as a whole is seen on the ground.

Tourist Experience Supports The National Economy

Renowned Saudi medical tourism expert, Dr. Abdulhai Meqdad, has emphasized the significance of improving the medical tourism experience in order to bolster the country’s national economy. Boasting exceptional medical and natural resources, the Kingdom has emerged as a leading regional destination for medical tourism. Dr. Meqdad has highlighted the promising potential of the medical tourism market in the Kingdom, estimating that the total investment in this sector could exceed a staggering 124 billion riyals by 2030.

In a recent interview on the Al-Ekhbariya channel, Dr. Meqdad pointed out that the Kingdom possesses all the necessary prerequisites to become a competitive hub for medical tourism. With its robust infrastructure and globally renowned medical facilities such as the General Corporation of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, the Kingdom is well-positioned to attract both local and international investors in this sector.